• Sesuai Dengan Kata Kata Konsisten

    Sesuai Dengan Kata Kata Konsisten - The tall guy cursory furrowed his brow. And back he was stunned for a girl in front of him did not respond. Usually when Nadia provoked by what he said, a war of words was going to happen and it would not finish before someone came to intervene.


    Teeeett ... bell signaled the end of recess sounded loudMean heart want to help my friend's ugly. But it had already trigger the bell. So sorry can not help you. "The guy said while pressing the ugly words in mid-sentence. The guy is still waiting for the reaction a girl in front of him. But the wait did not.


    respond with scorn or ridicule. Lo change." The guy mumbled and turned preparing to go to class. As soon as the guy turned puisi ibu guru around, Nadia finished membereskankan books begin installing square off. With the spirit of .


    began to swing his right foot towards the left foot with a hard guy.The guy yelled while menggerang pain. Eat tuh sick !!" Nadia sneered as he ran with books that had had scattered. You can imagine how tuh kata kata sedih perpisahan leg pain. By Nadia wear super duper hard power. A smile graced victory in the face of the tall girl with curly hair.

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