• Merasakan Bagaimana Puisi Sedih Indah

    Merasakan Bagaimana Puisi Sedih Indah - For the friend - a friend who likes to read novels about love, I'll give you an interesting story of a romantic love story. Happy reading.Friends are always there when we needed her, accompany us when we are lonely, smiling when we are happy, even though willing to give his heart to cry.


    The recess bell would end more minutes. Nadia should bring their friends workbook to the teachers' room before the bell rang. Vice chairman for the class to keep them busy like this. Gubrak .... The books were brought puisi sedih patah hati falling all. The man who crashed into either run anywhere. Instead of helping him, apologizing was not.


    "Damn! Pakek not run what ya eyes ... "muttered Nadia. With a wry face he began to squat to tidy up the books fell. Nadia has not finished tidying footsteps coming toward him. His book falls all right? "Sneered.


    a guy with a smirk. Nadia momentarily stopped tidying up the books, he tries to see people who dared to mock him. Turns out he was again. Tall guy with hair is always a mess. Oath! Nadia very same hate this guy. kata kata kecewa untuk sahabat lifetime is not going to be nice with a guy who is in front of this. Then Nadia began to resume tidying books without answering questions the guy.

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