• Merambat Pantun Yang Dibuat Hingga Kebanyak Orang

    Merambat Pantun Yang Dibuat Hingga Kebanyak Orang - turned to see who it was. It was from a distance Nesya best friend since junior high school was running towards it. Nadia casually turned around to walk looking matic favorite. He himself forgot where to put the bike. Nadia is the most jaded.


    as the name to remember something. Celingak-celinguk still looking for a motor, instead Nesya menjitak head from behind. Woe puisi sahabat sejati non, did not hear my screams yes? What kind of friends do not nyaut greeting his friends alone. "Said Amel with monyong lips. Characteristic of his friend.


    when I'm cranky.Sorry deh Sya. My bad mood, cepet want to go home. Bad mood? Clearly loe make an uproar earlier one class. Already boy's legs kicked up tuh guys excuse me return, baseball apologize again.


    Clear Nesya length.Hah? Until segitunya? Kan I just kicked his legs, cook that much worse? "Nadia really never thought. Really nothing so hard? Tuh guy turned out was really soft, he thought to himself.Kicked the hell kicked pantun lucu banget but lo pakek super duper kick. Kasian Reno know.People he who started first. "Nadia argued defensively. paused for a moment, then berlahan smiling thinly.

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