• Menjelaskan Cerpen Yang Bagus

    Menjelaskan Cerpen Yang Bagus - Once there, Senna and her siblings went straight to the temple and take pictures stupas of Prambanan Temple. Senna relief really enjoy the beauty of art hanging on the wall of the temple. He was being followed is a story of the image on the relief.


    Senna, go to the section there! "Exclaimed Ms. Trish who was following her mother and brother to other parts of the temple. Yeah, for a while, "Senna back to follow the story of the history of Hindu-Buddhist exist.


    He continued to watch the pictures until realized, Senna eye can not catch the figure of mother and two brothers. The panic spread in the body Senna. She tried to run to other parts of the temple but also his family was not found.


    On the other hand, my mother and two sisters Senna also was looking for him. They went to the last place alongside Senna but Senna was no longer there. Fear will increasingly divided, they decided not to disperse. Has sought to all corners of the temple, Senna was also found. Mom found the idea to call Senna from the information center to make it easier to find. They also toward the center of the information that is outside of the temple.

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