• Mengeluarkan Kata Kata Mutiara Yang Genius

    Mengeluarkan Kata Kata Mutiara Yang Genius - oh yes incident yesterday, I am sorry yes ". I snorted in disgust, si Rizal wrote still remember the incident. Tau is not it? I was upset because my favorite white shirt who just bought so dirty and can not be using that again. Huh whereas the trendy fashions of today.


    "I forgive ya" said Rizal again. I am quiet. But I can not anything to fight. Yaudah huh yeah." I said irritably.Sincere kata kata mutiara cinta apologies not ya!" Said Who said I ikh..ikhlaas ehh kok." Said I was a little stutter.


    wrote of her tone." Lyrics Rizal with quasi-assured style.Weve tuh yah annoying children. Tau wrote if I still have not sincere. But, why yes I terusin. I should not be like this, I must be sincere dong. I was glancing at.


    him with my words were reassuring.Okay .. I sincerely. Already forget it just happened. "I replied calmly.serious. If I need cek resi tiki reg to replace my clothes deh lo "says rizal that now there before me.

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