• Kenapa Puisi Mampu Rasakan Sakit

    Kenapa Puisi Mampu Rasakan Sakit - Why do you two always fighting? The problem is that it? That's the very first SMP. "Said Nesya plain, without intending reminiscent of events ago. "Anyway I can already accept that Reno did not like it at me.


    "Tau dark ah Bell ringing marked hour lesson was over. The weather was so hot not deter the high school students hope puisi cinta pendek to hurry home. Nadia himself had her books. While Nesya still struggling in his memoirs book and occasionally turned to the blackboard. So if we do not write like a snail.


    With exasperation Nadia Nesya pinched cheeks. "First yes, Sya. Ordered to return cepet nyokap ya! "Nesya just snorted and turned back to his memoirs.When Nadia opened the classroom door, someone was also opened the door of her classroom from the outside.


    "Uh, sorry .." Nadia said awkwardly. But once aware of who the person in front of him, Nadia directly give to that person looks jutekWhat are you doing here ?! loe Still sore feet? What just wildly lebihin. ucapan selamat malam lucu let yesterday go home? Hah?! So why effeminate guy baget !!! "Upset Honestly Reno already bored like this continues at Nadia. He want to do with Nadia could be like before.

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